Music Mondays: WNDR

“Memories in films and polaroids and catching lightning bugs” – Kyle Thornton & The Company

This is an album from Kyle Thornton & The Company, I first heard the song Fall In Love from this album, and funny enough I fell in love with it and knew that I needed to listen to the rest of the album

I have never listened to an album like this before, the way it is composed and the thought that was put in behind everything is so present but not in a laborious way. Just in an appreciative way that is wonderful.

Apparently, Kyle Thornton & The Company was one of Boston’s best-kept secrets, I wouldn’t know since I did not live in Boston but I am happy that they are no longer kept a secret. With about 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify they are on the road to make a name for themselves and I cannot wait to be watching them from the sidelines.f

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