Be Willing To Learn & Willing To Teach

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” – Phil Collins

The greatest gift you can give yourself is being willing to learn as well as willing to teach, let me explain.

If you aren’t willing to learn you cannot grow and expand your knowledge, even if you disagree with what a person is saying I find it valuable to always hear them out. You never know, you might still learn something even if that something is small.

You cannot put up the wall on learning because this only puts up a wall in all other areas of life.

When it comes to teaching it is a similar situation. While teaching you often learn too, it can be tempting to keep the knowledge to yourself but when you share you’re benefiting so many people, including yourself.

If you aren’t willing to teach you can’t go very far, teaching is such a big part of life whether you do it naturally or not. It is a crucial skill to be able to teach and teach well, as well as learn and learn well. So learn, and teach, and live.

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