Oatmeal Banana Muffins

“Baking is like washing–the results are equally temporary.” – Patricia Briggs

My family was given this recipe by a family friend a few years ago. We use it fairly often but we also don’t use it very much. It is the kind of thing that we’ll get obsessed with for about two weeks and make like four batches of it and then not make it for another six months until we have bananas that desperately need to be used.


  • 2 1/2 cups on banana blended (avg 3-4 bananas)
  • 2 2/3 cups of water
  • 5 cups of oats
  • 1/3 cup of honey or maple syrup
  • 1/3 cup of oil
  • 2 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 3 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips or cinnamon and apple chunks and raisins (or whatever you want)

Put it all in a bowl and mix it together. Separate into muffin tins and cook at 350F for 15-20. Keep in mind when you cook then that they won’t rise much. This tends to make a lot of muffins but they store well.

I personally like them best right after they have come out of the oven and the chocolate is melting. But I know my brother’s favorite is when they have cooled.

Also, as you can probably see from the recipe there is almost nothing in this that someone would be allergic to. And if there is something you’re allergic to you can most likely find a replacement for it.

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