Rest Days

“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wordsworth

You don’t have to do everything every single day and constantly be productive. It is okay to take an entire day or even an entire week to rest. Doing this helps reset your mind and body as well as your priorities.

Being hyper productive can be good but often leads to burnout and half done projects. Know your limits and set your boundaries so you can be the most productive version of you. This can mean grinding for the whole year but taking a vacation once a quarter to give yourself the calm you need. This can also mean taking weekly or daily breaks whenever you need them.

Rest time is different for everyone, some people’s might look productive still if their rest is knitting or painting. While your rest time might be laying down and listening to a podcast. As long as both are restful for the person accomplishing the task then you are succeeding. Take this time to completely clear your mind of productivity, overdue tasks, and emails.

Use a rest day to rest, and make sure you don’t beat yourself up for it.

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