Music Mondays: For Our Children

“One thing I know, you will stumble and fall but my love, you are never alone. I’ll be waiting.” – The Brilliance

This is an EP from The Brilliance and it was released in 2014 so it’s rather old. The Brilliance is comprised of David Gungor as the songwriter and John Arndt as the composer as well as an ensemble of musician friends. The two men have been friends since their fathers played in a wedding band together in the 70s.

The goal of The Brilliance is to create music that inspires empathy. I believe they have accomplished their goal with this album.

As the name of the album states there is a childlike innocence that is present throughout the whole album. It gives you those warm and fuzzy feelings that are hard to feel when you’re in the midst of adulthood. Creating a unique love for the EP that isn’t based around some catchy lyrics or upbeat music, which they can have, but around a feeling. That’s what makes this EP special.

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