Your Job Doesn’t Have To Be Your Passion

“Earn your confidence, nurture it, then help to build it in others.” – Alex Malley

I was chatting with my friend the other day and we somehow ended up on the topic of how your passion doesn’t have to be your job. She’s currently a barista and she’s wanted to leave her current establishment for a while now. The girl loves coffee and wants to get into media more but is struggling.

I firmly believe that the world puts too much pressure on jobs. In the end, they’re a way to make money and that’s about it. You can have a job that you aren’t passionate about but gives you the ability to feed your passion projects. This is crucial.

People get stuck thinking their job and company have to be something they’re passionate about but it really doesn’t. Having this expectation puts tremendous pressure on yourself when in the process of finding a job too. The pressure that’s unnecessary and oftentimes overwhelming.

If you’re wanting to get your foot in the door in a new industry you’ll most likely have to take a job or work for a company that you aren’t completely in love with and that’s okay.

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