When Your Life Is A Sitcom

“There’s a real sense of camaraderie with sitcoms.” – Jack Whitehall

The more I live my life the more I feel like it is a sitcom. For example, the other day the family aka the roomies, and I all went to Chili’s for dinner. Like fools, we were all cold and we were also placed at a long table for some reason. Because of this, we ended up all sitting on the booth side of the table trying to stay warm. Imagine you go to Chili’s on a Wednesday night you look over your shoulder and you see four grown adults all sitting on one side of the table. It is just weird enough to be noticeable but not weird enough to be concerning.

Now that’s not all, after we got home I held the door open and as each person walked through they decided to say thank you in different ways. We then trudged up the long staircase we have to our apartment laughing at what a sitcom moment it was. Not sure if we hated it or loved it.

You cannot look at that and tell me that isn’t something you’d see on a sitcom. The more I accept it the more I realize that my life is a sitcom and I’m not mad at it. The more I realize that I need to appreciate the small things and run in the rain if I feel like it. I will never get this day back and neither will you, so what are you going to do with it? Why not pretend your life is a sitcom?

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