It’s Okay To Be Messy

“Neatness, madam, has nothing to do with the truth. The truth is quite messy, like a wind blown room.” – William J. Harris

For the longest time I was obsessed with making it seem like I lived a perfect life. I wanted it to seem like I was put together at all times and that my life was never messy. I’ve now realized that it’s okay to be messy.

Messy means you’re healing, messy means you’re living your life, messy means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. Messy isn’t something to be ashamed of, messy is beautiful and it should be treated like it is. It isn’t something to hide or treat as if it didn’t exist.

Life gets a bit messy you might spill a cup, knock over a vase, or bring in some dirt from outside. None of these are life or death situations, they’re all messy but they’re all okay.

A messy life is a courageous life. Remember that it’s okay to be messy.

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