Music Mondays: Solar Power

“Stoned at the nail salon.” – Lorde

This is Lorde’s newest album and it’s everything you could’ve wanted and more. It consists of 12 songs and it is about 45 minutes long. Lorde is the 160th artist in the world on Spotify, which is kind of insane if you consider the fact that her second most popular album was released in 2013. Despite this she has over 20 million monthly listeners and it’s only growing.

Her vocals and the lyrics mixed with the stunning and relaxing yet powerful beats creates a unique experience for the listener. Even if you dissociate sometimes while listening to music like I do it’s a good album to put on since you can just sway to it and listen to the beat and you’re vibing.

I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m certainly a fan.

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