Meet Gregory & His Story

“No living thing is ugly in this world. Even a tarantula considers itself beautiful” – Munia Khan

I would like to tell the story of Gregory, he is a praying mantis that entered our apartment and created quite the moment. I was introduced to him before he had a name in the middle of the work day by a roommate. Just working from home things. I genuinely thought he was going to scare me but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the little bud on the window screen.

He became our little pet and we ended up naming him Gregory. Don’t worry we gave him water and he was thriving in our little jungle area.

Gregory became a common form of entertainment. He would move around and vibe, do little dances. This lasted for a few days and then we let him go. I’m going to be honest I was somewhat genuinely sad about this. I’d grown attached to our little man. It was for the best but still a bit sad.

Wherever Gregory is at now I hope he’s living his best life and hasn’t been eaten yet.

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