Plano House

“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.” – William J. Bennett

This house was the house before the Mckinney house that we built. This was a strange house. We moved into it after being homeless and staying in a VRBO for a month.

My little sister and I shared the gigantic upstairs master bedroom, since we’d constantly been moving we didn’t know what to do with all the space. I think we had out two beds, a small table used at a nightstand, a mirror, and a dresser. It was so abnormal.

This house was also strange because the people before smoked in the house and it smelled so bad. There was also a safe that was in the master bedroom closet when we first got there that had documents and stuff in it. The floors in the kitchen were also messed up and no matter we tried to do to fix all of the issues nothing worked. It was like we were in a constant battle with our house.

There was also a time where it felt like the house was haunted, although I don’t think it was the energy was just so strange. It was also located behind a church in a neighborhood with only two streets and very few houses. Essentially it was a track field that was turned into a street and houses, a strange energy to say the least.

As you can probably tell this wasn’t my favorite house, certainly not my least favorite and an upgrade from the Jenks house but nowhere near my favorite.

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