Things To Remember As Fall & Winter Are Approaching

Winter is coming.” – George R.R. Martin

As the seasons are changing, winter approaches, and seasonal depression is rising these are things to keep in mind.

  1. If you struggle with the change of season, darker morning and evening s you’re not alone and it’s normal to notice a change in mood. Don’t beat yourself up for it.
  2. Create and stick to a routine. The darker mornings can make it extremely difficult to get out of bed and make you feel sluggish and unmotivated. Start a routine that includes activities and things that lift you up and that you can look forward to.
  3. Get outside as much as you can during daylight. Soak up the moments of sun even if it’s just through a window. Breathe in the fresh winter air.
  4. Talk to your friends and loved ones. You don’t have to struggle alone and you aren’t alone.
  5. Try to find the joy in the things the change in seasons has to offer. Such as big socks and sweaters, warm drinks, snow angles, and more.

Sending love to anyone that struggles with the seasons changing. You aren’t alone in your feelings or thoughts. Make sure you have people around you that can lift you up and make you feel supported. Find the small reasons to smile and create a calm and safe space for yourself.

You’ve got this, you’ve made it through and you’ll make it through again.

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