Why Customer Success Matters

“Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself.” – Ray Kroc

A mountain that most businesses have to overcome is finding out how to make their customers consistently happy. How to give them all that they need to continue coming back to you. This is where a customer success position comes in, they are the ones that see the challenges the company and/or product are having and find the solution. 

Happy Customers = Customer Success

If you are running a business a customer success team is necessary for it to do well. Without a customer success team, a company can easily fall apart, they are the glue that holds the customer to the company, keeping them satisfied with the product and coming back for more. They look at and dissect the churn rate, analyze the impact the product had on the customer and so much more. 

Puzzle Solver

Those in customer success have the mind of a puzzle solver, critical thinker, and a tinkerer. They possess the ability to walk in every day, see the challenges or issues with their product that their customers are bringing to light and have the drive to fix them even if it doesn’t directly benefit them. A customer success role provides clarity and peace of mind to their clients. 

Fast Thinker

Now being a fast thinker is easy to say but often times way harder to do. You can say you are a fast thinker but until you have actually implied it and proven that you are a fast thinker than it means close to nothing. Someone in a customer success role proves daily that they are a fast thinker, they see a problem and typically when there’s a problem there’s an angry customer behind it and then they find the easiest and fastest way to diffuse it.

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