On The Road Again… Customer Success

“Just one phenomenal customer experience can make a world of difference when it comes to word of mouth promotion.” – Karl Wirth

Customer success is an all-encompassing role, requiring a threshold of magnificent skills that are interchangeable with multiple positions. Someone in customer success is an empathetic tinkerer, that is full of hard skills, which is no easy task. 

Hard Skills

On the practical side of things, customer success requires, fast typing, good time management, and amazing communication skills. When taking deeper look into it you see that there are layers upon layers of both hard and soft skills that must be applied to be successful in this role. These include: being a team player, have the ability to take in and process a lot of information at once without getting overwhelmed, creating well-timed social media buzz, and consistently analyzing data to come up with the best formula to help everyone triumph. 

Rubix Cube

You know those annoying little cubes that most of us got and attempted to solve at some point in our life, well when in customer success that is your everyday. They are the ones that rise to the occasion when something is broken no matter the product or how familiar they are with it and find the solution. They are willing to pick something completely apart and put it back together piece by piece to improve and educate themselves. 


Now at first look, this may seem like a negative, but just under the surface you can see all of the positives that come from this. One look at it can be in a situation where a client is mad at you or the product/company you want to minimize the anger in the room/call. People in these roles tend to be direct and straightforward due to the time is money standpoint and that mindset benefits them tremendously.

Customer success has been a deeply fascinating role to research. Originally my view of it was very limited, not knowing much at all but interested still. Now, my appreciation for it has grown extremely and I feel honored to have gotten a chance to take the time to dig into it as much as I did this week.

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