My Childhood

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” – Tom Robbins

I feel very blessed to have had the childhood that I did. It was full of climbing trees, playing games, watching old musicals and so much more. 

I remember being sick and falling asleep to Hello Dolly and singing along to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I felt the wind in my hair as I climbed to the top of trees. My specialty was giving my mom a mini heart attack every time she saw me standing on a branch that should’ve been classified as a twig.

To this day l cherish the walks around the neighborhood to friend’s houses. Playing with chalk in the driveway and having sleepovers where we thought we were cool for staying up until midnight. Oh to be that level of oblivious again. Not a care in the world and so much happiness all wrapped up into a little package. 

I specifically remember for a week straight me and my friends just dug in the mud and found critters and we loved it. While living in Colorado and Oklahoma my siblings and I were so bored we would dig holes. To be frank, mud and I have always had a pretty close relationship. 

Your childhood is what shapes you and I am very grateful that I had the childhood I did. I am very fond of all of the memories that emerge from the woodwork when thinking about it. I’m able to see how each moment shaped me to be who I’m today and am forever blessed because of it.

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