It Is Time To Marie Kondo Your Life

“Cherish the things you love. Cherish yourself.” – Marie Kondo

We all have categories in our life, our different personality traits, our different friend groups, our different voices in our head battling it out. These differences tend to mush together into one glob.

What would happen if you were to really evaluate them? Pick them apart from each other, one by one until you’ve reached their heart and soul. 

Now once you have done the digging it is time for the truly hard part. You must look at it, evaluate everything that it has brought or taken away from your life. If it does not spark joy, real joy, let it go. 

Marie Kondo talks about letting go of physical things, but I firmly believe that the hardest things to let go are not physical. They are the trauma, the people-pleasing, the self-doubt, the past regrets. 

They are the complete and utter numbness that is built up due to pretending it’s okay, and making up excuses. 

Do not let these things, these people, emotions, whatever it may be for you hold you back. You are better than them and you deserve better than them. Break that generational curse, fight for what makes you happy, feel the raw emotion that comes from doing something you love and being proud of it. 

Do this, not because it is something a random blog told you to do, but because it is good for you. Start right now, pick up an imaginary piece, something that has been bugging you or hurting you for a while. Hold it close to you, thank it for all of the lessons it taught it, then let it go. 

Take a deep breath, feel the weight lifting off your shoulders, feel free because you just did a big thing.
Now it’s your turn, keep doing big things.

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