“If you can’t run, you crawl. If you can’t crawl, you find someone to carry you.” – Joss Whedon

Having a strong willpower is like a real-life superpower.

Willpower gives you the ability to grow to your highest potential. It is the reason someone with a strong willpower does not veer from the path, no matter how difficult it gets. 

If you are training for a marathon and on an intense diet to prepare, if someone brings donuts into the office then your willpower must stay strong. If you are talking with a customer and they give you some intense attitude then you must hold tightly to your willpower to remain composed. 

It is the horsepower behind your determined drive. People with strong willpower almost always have fantastic habits. They have the strength to say no to what will do them harm and to continue pushing whenever life gets difficult. 

If you are currently worried because you either believe that you have bad habits or a weak willpower, do not worry. Willpower is something that strengthens like a tree, at first it finds it tremendously difficult to even stand up straight. Before you know it there is a sturdy and independent tree before your very eyes.

So take it one day, one decision, one step at a time to hold strong to your willpower.

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