Being Mixed Race

“I represent the mixed-race community, which I think gets left out a lot.” – Melaine Brown

This past Saint Patrick’s day got me thinking about how when most people look at me they most likely do not think I am Irish. Some look at me and honestly have no idea what my ethnicity is.

I have had an interesting time growing up with my backgrounds. 

When I was younger if my mom was out alone with us kids (I’m one of five) she would sometimes get asked where she adopted us from. This seemed somewhat normal at the time but I am now realizing how not normal it really was.

I also have been asked where I was adopted before, which is quite not normal as well. The more I lived in the midwest the more of these questions I received. In a sense, I became numb but also very annoyed with all of it. 

Also, I truly hate it whenever I fill out a form and it says that I can only check one box for what I identify as. I remember that one day when I asked my mom what I should do she said that I should just check two, a true alpha.

Anyways I am now out of the midwest and excited to hopefully not receive any more of these comments. Just know that if you have received these questions and slightly demeaning statements, you, my friend are not alone. And also there are places and people out there who will not be so insensitive. 

Best of luck! 

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