Use Your Gifts

“You were given your gift for the joy you may give in return.” – Cornelius Addison

Something that I have been thinking about recently is the practically infinite number of natural gifts that it is possible for us to be blessed with. 

With that, I have also been thinking about how it is our duty to use those gifts. To not hide them in a closet but to make them known and seen. You have to do this is in a sometimes challenging way where so it does not come off as attention-seeking or prideful. 

To do this all you need to do it know your gifts, master and practice them and then use them whenever needed. Take every opportunity you get because it might change your life and it might change someone else’s life as well. 

Choose to show up with your gifts, with your talents, and with your passions because it is now or never, and I really hope that you choose now. 

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