Let Go Of The Pressure

“Crying relieves pressure on soul.” – Toba Beta

Let go of the pressure to have it all figured out. Don’t feel bad for your mess, don’t feel bad for your faults, don’t feel bad for your mistakes.

Instead of self-pressure, you can choose to take the pressure off of yourself and decide on self-talk.

Remember that you do not have to have it all worked out. Continue walking towards your goals, each step is valuable.

You can also take off the pressure from others. Communicate with others that hold this unrealistic belief that you have to have it all together.

Life is messy and that is okay, but the pressure is not necessary.

Create healthy boundaries with your communication. Let those know that their pressure is doing more harm than good. That you are working at your own pace and in your own style and that where you are at right now is where you are supposed to be.

It is dangerous to feel like you have to have it all together because it is unrealistic.

If you need to physically take the pressure off yourself. Whether the pressure is imaginary or a real pressure. Get away from it, you deserve it.

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