How Many Fun Facts Do You Have About Yourself?

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.” – Mark Twain

This past Thursday there was a virtual happy hour at Upgrow. The PPC Director put together a form where we added two fun facts about ourselves and then it was added to a trivia thing where we would guess who belonged to which fun facts.

It took me forever to come up with the two fun facts that I did. We went through the game and we learned a decent amount about each other, but then it ended with a tie-breaker. So we decided to keep putting fun facts in the chat to the PPC Director, she picks a fun fact to say and if they get it right they win. Little did we know this would be a much longer journey than a single question.

For some reason during this time I was able to come up with a plethora of fun facts about my life, all of which they did not guess correctly. These fun facts include but are not limited to:

  • I have had an interaction with ICE
  • I am part Irish
  • I had an Instagram account with over 6k followers
  • I have never left the country

Considering the fact that I have only been around for a mere eighteen years I have lived quite the life. It got me thinking about how many fun facts others have about themselves. What interesting things are part of your story that seem normal to you? I am sure there are more than you think there are.

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