Live Music & Dancing

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” – Eckhart Tolle,

Last night there was live music in the gazebo and park, the whole crew I am with got up and started dancing. This town is full of mostly old people so when we started dancing there were a few stares but we didn’t really care.

Some locals that we met earlier came up and chatted with us and one guy came up and talked with us for a while after the music was over too. People tend to be very confused how this group of young professionals made it to this small town in Texas.

I am honestly so happy that we ended up here though, the whole town is super supportive and is interested in learning about us.

There is something extremely freeing about dancing in a town and knowing you will leave soon so you can just ask however you want. It is such a fantastic time and I would highly recommend.

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