Subjects We Should Be Talking About

“I had people saying ‘it’s all in your head’. Do you honestly think I want to feel this way?” – Sonia Estrada

I have recently been thinking about taboo subjects and why they are taboo. For example, money is such a taboo subject even though it really shouldn’t be. I wrote a whole blog post about it but on topic of money, there are a ton of other taboo subjects.

Such as menstruation, mental health issues, addiction, generational issues, and bodily functions. These are things that should be talked about, but they aren’t. These should be topics that are discussed and open conversations. So why don’t we let them happen? Being open and allowing an open conversation is magical.

We should talk about them, we should allow the conversations to happen, make it happen. These subjects are how you get to know people and genuinely be connected. We put up walls on conversations because we want to make sure everyone is comfortable, but it is in the discomfort and vulnerability that the connection grows.

Some people might consider these subjects annoying or even embarrassing to talk about but that is just adding to the stigma and the taboo factor of the subjects. You are the one that decides what is taboo and what isn’t, so you can decide where your conversations go. You have the power to break the stigma, so what is stopping you?

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