Things That Aren’t Your Fault

“Slowly, I’m beginning to realize that what happened to me wasn’t my fault, that I was taken advantage of by a group of vile, twisted men.” – Girl A

As humans we enjoy taking everything personally, the world revolves around us. This can be good but also bad because when things are good we gain a God complex but when things are bad we are worthless. A lot of what we experience is not our fault and it’s important to keep that top of mind.

Things that aren’t your fault include but aren’t limited to:

  • How your parents treated you as a child
  • Someone dying
  • Being introverted or extroverted
  • People around you fighting
  • A family members mental health or addiction
  • Experiencing mental health challenges
  • Someone mistreating you in a relationship, whether romantic or not
  • Any act of mistreatment towards you
  • Someone not loving you as much as you love them
  • Accidents

It can be easy to start to spiral and feel personally responsible for a lot of the things on this list. But it is crucial to keep in mind that you aren’t the items on this list. There is so much more to you. They might be part of your past or an area of you but they aren’t you and they aren’t your fault.

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