Not Pretty Routines

“I spend my life watching the sun come and go as part of my non-routine routine.” – Richie Norton

Social media celebrates all of the pretty things we do, all the fun vacations and cool-looking routines. But that often isn’t reality. It’s important to be proud of the not social media-worthy steps in your routines. Things such as:

  • Hydrating in a beat-up, normal, semi-ugly water bottle
  • Sorting your emails
  • Cleaning your bathroom
  • Flossing, brushing your teeth, and washing your face
  • Eating an ugly yet nutritious meal
  • Putting on sunscreen
  • Doing the dishes regularly

Creating and keeping these habits is crucial, it’s an almost guaranteed way to improve your mental health. Your physical and digital space impacts your life tremendously.

Even if parts of your routine don’t seem important or to be worthy of social media it’s still good to keep them. Don’t let the world trick you into thinking every part of every day has to be perfect.

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