How Do You Like Your Coffee Shop Vibes?

“Sitting there, in the coffee house, I saw so many stories behind the lips of people who had left them untold.” – Lidia Longorio

I’ve been exploring a lot of different coffee shops around my area and I’ve noticed all of the different vibes that are present. None of them being bad but all very different.

For example one of the coffee shops that I love and live quite close to is a very work-centered, busy, and lively coffee shop. It’s always full of people working and if you can find close parking you’re one of the lucky ones. They have some very tasty avocado toast and if you want to get work done this is where I go.

Then there’s the one I’m currently writing this from, it’s a lot calmer. They’re playing jazz music instead of pop or anything else and they have a cozier vibe with hanging lights, stained wood, and nick-knacks on the shelves. This coffee shop also almost always has some tasty gluten-free pastries which I’m down for.

While I personally don’t overall prefer one over the other it’s easy to see how different they are. This got me thinking about all of the different coffee shop vibes out there and what others might prefer. I’m sure some people hate the busy energy with a passion and look to go to a coffee shop for a relaxing time. With that being said, I’m also sure some people hate the cozy feeling as they feel like they can’t get any work done.

Neither of these opinions are bad, they’re simply opinions. So, how do you like our coffee shop vibes?

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