How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

“Smell the roses. Smell the coffee. Whatever it is that makes you happy.” – Rita Moreno

When I was in Texas this April people were going on a coffee run and asked what I wanted. Keep in mind it was about 3:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday at this point. You can imagine the confusion when I said that I wanted a black cold brew.

I thought nothing of it since I love black coffee and black cold brew in particular. Apparently, I am one of the few people that think this, at least within that group I was.

But, since that moment I’ve moved in with three people that all drink coffee black, and one of the person that was in that group now drink his coffee black. Granted he does it more as a power play and less as a love the taste but regardless, my point still stands.

I feel like how you drink your coffee is a very personal thing, I’m aware that I have an old person’s taste in coffee as my mom lets me know. Plus the fact that all of my roommates drink black coffee makes us sound like a little retirement community apparently. I take that fact as we’re all old souls, you might take it in a different way.

Despite this teasing, I will not change my coffee drinking habits. Now, how do you drink your coffee and what do you think that means about you?

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