Tetris & Trauma With My Brother

“If Tetris has taught me anything, it’s that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.” – Unknown

The other day I sent my middle brother an hour-long trauma healing affirmations while you sleep. he then responded with oh interesting, have you ever tried Tetris? We then had a bonding moment about loving the game.

Throughout the conversation he brought up the fact that Tetris has been scientifically proven to help with intrusive thoughts and trauma healing. All of the pieces added up throughout this conversation. It explained why I’m such a fan of the game and see genuine benefits from it. To the point where I uninstalled it because I felt like it was weird but after this conversation I downloaded it again.

Shortly after this conversation I told some of my friends that I know deal with trauma and intrusive thoughts. I know for a fact that I’ve gotten some of them hooked on it. One of them even opened up about a realization he had while playing.

All this to say, I support you playing Tetris. If you want more information or to read up on it yourself here are a few links:

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