2021 A Year In Review

I was supposed to get this out much earlier but I ended up getting COVID, not really the way I wanted to start the year off but could be worse. Everyone went into this new year with nothing but optimism. When making it through the mess that was 2020 what could make it worse.

I hope everyone had a better 2021 than 2020 although I know that wasn’t the case for everyone.


I cut my hair, a handful of times actually, I cut it the shortest I’ve ever had it and then was too lazy to find someone to cut my hair in Colorado and got it cut again. A few items this year held that I was not expecting were some accidental dates and I got a boyfriend. A few items that I know I wanted to accomplish this year were getting plants, getting wisdom teeth removed, and spending time at farmers’ markets. I also got closer to my family and realized even more how lucky I am that I have them in my life. My great aunt and grandma both had life or death situations this past year and having them both in my life still makes me so grateful. 

  • Hair chop
  • Got a boyfriend
  • Went on some accidental dates
  • Got hella plants
  • Got wisdom teeth removed
  • Hella time at the farmers market


I’ve been wanting to get more piercings for a long long time and This year I got a nose and another cartilage piercing. Fun fact, I wanted another piercing for a long time but I told myself that I wouldn’t get another piercing until I got a job offer. This was a solid motivation for me and helped me get the most out of my job hunt.

  • Nose
  • Cartilage


This was also the year I got my first tattoo, and then many more. My first tattoo was in June in Colorado and it’s a hug on the back of my arm. In the same day, my friend gave me a stick and poke smiley face tattoo on my hip. After this, I got a bee on my knee, yes the bee’s knees, and I got it with one of my closest friends Annabell in Kansas. Then I became numb and wanted to feel something so I got a stick and poke line tattoo on my ribcage. My most recent tattoo is a sleeve of butterflies with a caterpillar on my wrist. While I was hesitant to get a tattoo at first I’m so happy with all of the ones I’ve gotten. 

  • Hug
  • Smiley face
  • Line
  • Butterflies
  • Bee
hug tattoo


2021 was the year when I went to my first official concert, then later in the same week, I went to another concert. The first one was a sold-out show of The Backseat Lovers at The Black Sheep with a group of my friends. Then I went to The Black Sheep again and saw Summer Salt with my boyfriend, this is where I found out and fell in love with Covey. At the second concert, the openers went out into the crowd and by their booths. This meant we got to have personal conversations with them and got to know them a lot more than I got to know anyone at The Backseat Lovers. 

  • The Backseat Lovers
  • Summer Salt
the backseat lovers


I did a lot of solo traveling to go meet people in 2021, including my first solo road trip. In April I spent the entire month in Texas in four different places. At first, I was in Dallas where I lived with my old friend and her family for a week. I even took a ballet class at my old dance studio which was such an interesting experience. I then went to Austin and spent a week at a lake house with some Praxians, Praxis weekend, then I was in Smithville with a smaller crew from the first house. 

After the traveling, I went home to Kansas and stayed there for less than a month before I went to Colorado. I was there for a few weeks in a few different places but all in the Colorado Springs area. Then in September one of the Praxis people I was with in April asked if I wanted to go on a spontaneous weekend trip to Seattle, and I couldn’t deny this proposition so obviously, I went. Most recently I went to Kansas to spend time with family over my siblings’ winter break. 

  • Colorado in May/June
  • Kansas over winter break
  • Washington
  • Texas in April
canyon lake


You know when I said I was in Texas for the month of April, well I drove home to a new house. I left and we were in an apartment my mom found and moved into a new place in the time I was gone. I was in that house from May to July and then I moved into an apartment with a few friends in Colorado which I where I’m at still. 

  • House in KC
  • Apartment in CO

Mental Health

I went into this year wanting to get a better hold on my mental health which I’m happy to say I did. In June I got put on Wellbutrin for my depression and then when winter hit I upped my dosage. In August I started therapy and prepping for EMDR. Then in November I officially started with EMDR therapy which helped me identify my protectors. I also was bold enough to finally block my dad and put myself first, and my parents’ divorce officially went through. 

  • Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Wellbutrin


This year was also big for me professionally, when I was in the lake house with the Praxians they helped me realize how much my work was actually worth and helped me redo my resume. From this, I got four job offers in three days, quit my old place of work, and started working at Revenue River which is where I’m at still. I also started doing work for Praxis as a community manager/hype woman and have loved seeing participants as they’re going through the program. 

A person professional item accomplished this past year was publishing my book with Heather Drabant. Our labor of love which we’d been working on for almost a year and finally got to put out to the world. As well as getting to two years of daily blogging/writing. On top of this I also paid off my car within a year of purchasing it.

  • Published a book
  • 2 years of daily blogging
  • Quit Upgrow
  • Started working at Praxis
  • Started working at Revenue River
  • Went into the office for the first time
  • Got four job offers in three days


I’m happy where my life has gone in terms of last year vs this year. It was full of ups and downs and I cannot imagine it going any different but I do wish that sometimes it would be a bit different.

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